• Linux Kernel Notes I

    Notes and bookmarks I’ve gathered by doing the Eyduptula challenge

  • Introduction to R Data types

    Everything in R is an object, there are five basic or “atomic” classes of objects. The most basic object is a vector, it can contain objects of the same class only, the one exception is a list, which is represented as a vector but can contain different classes and indeed that’s usually how lists are used.

  • System fail and Windows install

    valkiria my Slackware64 14.1 laptop is showing age, almost in the asylum. The keyboard is not working since almost one year, a couple of external attached keyboards have passed. I have plans to modify it with Libreboot since its a Lenovo X200 compatible laptop. But it won’t be until I get either a desktop PC, laptop or fix my home server power supply.

  • Mr Unix the new kid in tildeverse

    I got a free VPS from haphost.com, its an small 128MB RAM 10GB storage slice, I had it running CentOS 6.5 for testing since August 2014 until December 2014. It was sitting there doing nothing but host my always running irssi session and in a moment of boredom I thought, Heck! lets build another tilde server

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